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We are expanding our centre and rebranding to iBrains at RR Nagar. The new team will comprise 2 psychiatrists and a Neuroscientist to provide service in all aspects of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. The new website is being designed. The new venue is ready to accept clients and the location will be shared at the time of confirming your appointment.

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Reroot psychiatry and counselling centre

We are advanced practitioners in psychiatry and psychotherapy based in Rajarajeswarinagar, Bangalore. We welcome our clients to seek timely help and we tailor talking therapies and medications based on your diagnosis, uniquely to you. We pride in our implementation research standards where the best of today’s knowledge is delivered for your help and assistance. We are based as a home clinic and a polyclinic, to suit your different needs. We will share the address when you contact us for appointment based on your choice of venue. We provide long service hours from early morning to late evening to suit your commuting needs in busy Bangalore. We provide intense telemedicine support once you have commenced treatment. We wish to restore your mental health so that you can get back to your busy lives with new strength and confidence.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • When should I consult a psychiatrist?

    Mental health problems affect all ages and gender. If your child is unable to socialise, refuses to go to school, throws tantrums at home, is restless- your child needs to see a psychiatrist. If teenagers are having problems with their parents and performing poorly at school or getting into trouble in the neighbourhood – they need to see a psychiatrist. Adults need to see a psychiatrist if stressed, anxious, depressed, addicted to alcohol or drugs, work stress, relationship difficulties or experiencing altered reality. Elderly need to see a psychiatrist if agitated, losing memory or having movement problems with unclear thinking.

  • Should I talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist?

    It is advisable to first see a medical psychiatrist doctor who will then recommend talking therapies or medication or both. Some psychiatrists also offer counselling and psychotherapy while others refer you to a psychologist.

  • How do psychiatrists diagnose you?

    Psychiatrists first keenly listen to what your ongoing problems are. They watch you while you discuss and understand your presenting problems. They would then use a framework called ICD/DSM to categorise what mental illness you have. If you have no mental illness, but still emotionally troubled, they will advise you to undergo talking therapy in the form of counselling or psychotherapy. If you have a mental illness, they will usually advise you to take medications for mental health with/without talking therapy.

  • Who is better? Psychologist or psychiatrist?

    A psychologist uses only talking and listening modes to understand your problem and explain the best steps to take to keep you well. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who can order tests for you such as blood tests and scans, and diagnose if you have a mental illness. They would then treat you with medications or talking therapies or both. Both psychologist and psychiatrist work to improve your mental health, but in their own professional ways.