Getting in touch initially

I would prefer you to kindly use the Whatsapp Widget on the website for initial queries. You can also email us on outlook rerootdr@outlook.com. If you prefer a call, use our contact phone number +91-9606111380. Please bear with us if our team is engaged. They will return your call as soon as possible. You are also welcome to attend our Reroot clinic directly, which is a WFH arrangement, with prior appointment.

What happens after you have contacted us?

Once you have decided whether you prefer a telemedicine call or a personal visit to the clinic,Personal visits to the clinic are by prior appointment only. Please bring any prior medical records you may have. Parking is by roadside arrangement. Unfortunately, we currently do not have disability access. Payment is by UPI or cash. You will receive your prescription to take home. You can order your medicine online or from your local pharmacy. If any blood tests or radiology scans are required, they will be prescribed and a second visit arranged after obtaining the results.

Telemedicine – call by appointment only. If you have electronic medical records, please share them with the doctor prior to your appointment. The call will last 20–60 min, usually for a psychiatric assessment. However, psychotherapy assessments may be done over 2 to 3 sessions of 60 min each so as to complete the formulation and further treatment advised. Payment is by UPI, after which you will receive your prescription.

We will work through the pungent, tearful onion layers to make your rich experiences become valuable assets in your life. Notes will be taken during the telemedicine call or face-to-face appointment while simultaneously listening to your concerns.

In all cases, we strongly recommend including a family member or friend, if appropriate, to accompany you for the consultation over telemedicine or in person, as it provides valuable information, which in turn helps your cause.


The Treatment processes

This involves your openness to the problem, and our discussion will lead to a diagnosis. Sometimes, lab or radiology scans will be prescribed before commencing medications. The medications are commenced at a smaller dose and gradually increased in dose. Additional medications may be added simultaneously or one after the other. The greater the emotional turmoil, the more talking therapy in the form of psychotherapy will be advised. These are talking sessions lasting 45 minutes each, where a better sense of the problem is made out and ways to deal with it are addressed. For example, these sessions may be needed 1–3 times a week for 4 months to a year. Towards the end of treatment, as the period may be, a gradual reduction of medications will be made before stopping them. If it is talking therapy, we will inform you of the progress you have achieved and when the sessions can stop. Often, as is the case, a combination of medications and psychotherapy is needed to work through mental health issues and mental illness.

Payments and Fees

Please send what's app enquiry for fee structure.


Who needs to see a psychiatrist?

The need could be for anyone of any age, from children to the elderly or any gender.

Children— irritable, disruptive behavior; sleep issues; educational difficulties; social interaction difficulties; poor eating; excessive restless activity; unable to communicate correctly; and so on.

Teenage and early adults – same as children but also misusing drugs or alcohol, sexual behaviours, mood problems, strange thoughts, disorganised living, loss of touch with reality, problems with educational progress, emotional crisis, family problems etc. Life coaching can also be provided in sessions for those older than 21.

Adults— mood problems, drug and alcohol use, psychosis, marital problems, violence, work related problems, difficulty sustaining relationships, prolonged pain-related problems, sleeping issues etc.

Memory problems, personality changes, movement problems, vision, speech, and hearing problems can all have an impact on mental health in the elderly.

Where and how?

Bangalore traffic is congested and the burden of travelling for each appointment can be tedious, and you may give up. To overcome this trouble, we provide telemedicine with prescriptions arriving on your smart phones, which you can purchase from your chosen stores or order online and have them delivered to your doorstep. The occasional visit to the clinic is in a home environment where you will not feel rushed or trampled in a crowd. We can provide you with more direct clinical attention than in a hospital setting. In addition, with telemedicine, you can reach us in the early morning and evening hours as well as during working day time (7 am to 10 pm); thus, providing you with ample flexibility in consultation hours. I hope these arrangements make life easy for you and your family and friends keen on supporting you.